“Flat Stanley” versions of therapy kids are back from summer adventures

A children’s classic, Flat Stanley tells the tale of a young boy who, flattened by a bulletin board one night, makes use of his odd dimensions to visit friends around the globe via the mail. The 1960’s series came to life at TMC for Children’s Pediatric Therapies outpatient group this summer. Inspired by the premise of the “Flat Stanley” books, the children sent drawings of themselves to acquaintances in other cities and countries. The group mapped where their ‘Flat’ version travelled and after a few weeks, photos and stories of the resulting adventures came back to the children.  The children shared their yarns at an end-of-summer gathering at Pediatric Therapies, attended by family members and their flat self-portrait travelers.

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From the following of directions and the creation of an image of self to the sharing of their Flat Stanley travels with a large group, Flat Stanley provided an opportunity for these children to practice and expand their communication skills. Well done one and all.