Heart Healthy Strawberry Delights

Quick easy Valentine treat kids will love - Strawberry Cream Cheese Delight

Quick, easy, healthy and yummy. A dessert to delight all.

Do your children always want to skip the main course and get straight to the good stuff – dessert? Do you find yourself making comments like “If you want to eat dessert, you’ve got to eat your veggies first?” Does dinner time become a fight to get your children to eat the main course? Our family’s New Year’s Resolution has taken some of the fight out of dinner by making Friday and Saturday ‘Dessert Nights’ and we’re focusing on desserts that are both seemingly decadent and healthy.

This week’s offering, Heart Healthy Strawberry Delights. They take minutes to prepare, and are received warmly by all the family members.


1lb Strawberries
Filling: Whipped cream cheese or Almond Chocolate Butter
Toppings: Strawberry bits or sliced almonds or a chocolate chip


1. Slice the bottom of the strawberries so they can stand up. Put remains to the side for use on top. Slice of the top of the strawberry too.

2. Scoop the whitish heart of the strawberry out using a knife. Discard to the compost or pass off to the kids to eat.

3. Place a little whipped cream cheese (or chocolate nut butter) in the hollowed center. This step is a favorite for the kids to do.

4. Top with the strawberry base as shown here with a little bit cut out to make a heart shape, or a couple of sliced almonds, or a chocolate chip. Or all of the above.

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