Vest It Up!


Kohl’s Cares® and TMC for Children are proud to announce…

Kohl’s Cares® Vest It Up!

  • Free swim lessons at local YMCA locations
  • Free PFD! – US Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Devices for kids completing swim classes
  • Available to kids ages 4 through 17
  • Swim lessons and PFDs when used together are known to keep kids safer in and around water
  • Always remember the ABCs of Water Safety, Adult Supervision, Barriers & Classes

Register Today…don’t wait until summer!

Call TMC’s Desert Kids Safety at (520) 324-5604 for class times, registration and more information.

Classes available to the first 550 kids 

Did you know?

Arizona has a long history of child water related incidents and remains second, only to Florida, in the highest number of pediatric drownings in our country. In 2011, there were 32 child deaths due to drowning, which accounted for four percent of all child deaths in Arizona. The largest percentage of drowning deaths has been among children ages one through four years and there was an increase seen in children ages 5 through 9 years old. Ninety-four percent of child drowning fatalities were identified as preventable.

Kohl’s Cares® and TMC for Children are committed to your child’s water safety. We believe that arming parents and children with water safety education and classes combined with life-saving personal floatation devices, will help keep our children safer in and around water.

Kohl’s Cares® Vest It Up! in partnership with TMC for Children offers FREE year round swim lessons at dates, times and locations that meet the needs of busy families.


TMC for Children has enjoyed a partnership with Kohl’s Cares® since 2006. The Kohl’s Cares® alliance has contributed over $324,000 to injury prevention for children in Southern Arizona.

With a primary focus on life-saving booster seats for children, the Kohl’s Cares® Boost Your Booty six year partnership with TMC allowed us to educate families and provide FREE booster seats to over 20,000 community children in need. Parents can continue to access the Boost Your Booty program for children age 5 and older, by calling TMC’s Desert Kids Safety at (520)324-5604 Monday through Thursday.

And, effective August 2, 2012 it’s a law! Arizona’s children over age 5 must be restrained in a booster seat until age 8 or a height of 4’9’.

Also look for us at Community Events.

With the help of Kohl’s Associates in Action team – fondly called the “A-Team” – assisting at over a dozen community events each year, our reach to children in need extends beyond Tucson into all of Southern Arizona.

Kohl’s Cares

TMC for Children is dedicated to our children. Tucson Medical Center continues a long history in leadership in children’s care and advanced pediatric services.

TMC for Children offers:

  • A Pediatric Emergency Department open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Inpatient and Ambulatory Surgery Programs
  • Specialized Pediatric Surgeons and Certified Pediatric Nurses
  • Dedicated Anesthesiologists for Children
  • Pediatric and Newborn Intensive Care
  • Pediatric Hospitalists
  • Pediatric Subspecialists
  • Child Life Specialists
  • Pediatric Hospice Program
  • Children’s Therapies: Occupational, Physical and Speech
  • Desert Kids Safety Program

Call TMC’s Desert Kids Safety at (520) 324-5604 for more information.