Intensive Pediatric Therapy changes Lives – Kylah's Story

Baby Kylah in the PICU

Baby Kylah in the PICU

When your baby turns three months old you expect giggles and gurgles, and hopefully a little more sleep.

Just as they were approaching that lovely stage, one Tucson family faced the very opposite. Meghan and David Collins’ beautiful three-month old daughter, Kylah, had a brain aneurysm ruptured in her left frontal lobe.

After being taken by ambulance to a hospital here in Tucson, Kylah was flown by helicopter to Phoenix to have surgery at Barrows Neurological Institute. The surgery was successful, but it was just the beginning of Kylah’s recovery as Meghan explains,

When we returned to Tucson after surgery, we started Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy at TMC for Children to begin Kylah’s long process of recovery.  The brain bleed caused right-sided weakness in her arm and her leg, as well as an eating and speech delay.  She was going to TMC for Children’s Pediatric Therapy three times a week for therapy.
When she was just over a year old, Kylah was selected to participate in an intensive therapy program funded by Children’s Miracle Network.
Marylou Fragomeni, Pediatric Therapies Manager, explains that children’s therapy needs vary. Some children need time between sessions to practice skills, others need more intensive therapy multiple times a week to capitalize on a window in their development. Kylah was able to handle and progress with more intensive therapy. Fragomeni shares that funding limits the number of children that they can help in this way. Unfortunately, the therapy is not covered by insurance and the vast majority of families can not afford the needed therapy.
We have seen some significant progress since Kylah’s participation in the program.  We attend therapy four days a week/2 sessions a day. Since her participation in the program, she has started crawling efficiently, using her right hand more efficiently and even took her first unassisted steps.  She has also progressed with her speech.  She now uses a spectrum of signs as well as different words and sounds. – Meghan Collins

This amazing little girl is now toddling and enchanting all who meet her.

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Julie Wolfe Beadle, Director of Major Gifts for the Tucson Medical Center Foundation, is a childhood recipient of intensive therapy for cerebral palsy herself. ” I look at Kylah and I see myself as a child. Intensive therapy and active involvement of sports made all the difference in my life. This gift of intensive therapy will make all the difference in Kylah and her family’s life.”

You can make a difference in a child like Kylah’s life by supporting TMC for Children through the Children’s Miracle Network.

I never really knew what Children’s Miracle Network was until I personally benefited from it.  Now, I do not think I could ignore those little balloons hanging up in the stores anymore.  My child and family have been incredibly blessed by the funding that Children’s Miracle Network provided so that Kylah could do this intensive therapy program.
– Meghan Collins