16 Gift Ideas for Teens in Hospital (Or great items to donate to your local children’s pediatric unit)

TeenHospitalWhether you’re six months, or sixteen years old, being in hospital can be scary. Activities, toys and games that distract you from the unfamiliar surroundings and keep the beeps and whirs of machines at bay are welcome distractions. If you’re looking for a gift for a teen in hospital or looking for ideas for donations to our Children’s program here are some great suggestions from our TMC for Children Child Life Specialists. Here are 16 ideas that could make a difference in the day of a teen in hospital:

  1. DVD Movies
    Sometimes you just need a mindless movie to distract you! If donating movies please make sure that they are PG-13 or less, we can’t share R rated movies.
  2. Bath gels, lotions, nail wraps, nail polish and nail polish remover
    A little pampering is relaxing for adults and teens alike.
  3. Craft/Art kits
    Whether it’s a beading or model airplanes or paint by numbers, craft and art kits can provide an outlet and even act as an introduction to a new hobby.
  4. Activity Books, Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles, and Sudoku
    Sudoku can be totally absorbing for teens and adults alike. Booklets are easy to find at bookstores and corner stores alike.
  5. Diaries/Journals
    Have you ever noticed how many teen books come in a diary format? This is the perfect time for journaling or doodling.
  6. Gift cards in all price ranges (Target, Wal-Mart, Toys ‘R’ Us, Movie Tickets, Sports Authority, Best Buy, iTunes etc.
  7. Fuzzy Socks; Fun Pajama Pants; T-Shirts/Hats with U of A Logo
  8. No More Tangles Spray
    Bed head can be a beast in hospital!
  9. Nerf Toys
    Nerf toys such as basketball, football, sets, toss games can help teens who are ready to get up and move around a little, but might need some encouragement.
  10. Photo Albums and Scrap-booking Supplies
    Today so many of us including teens have all our photos on our phones. What a great opportunity to finally print them off and have a photo album to keep.
  11. Playing cards, Magic sets, UNO cards and UNO Attack
  12. Black Velvet Fuzzy Poster coloring sets
  13. iPods
    Sometimes you don’t have the energy to read, listening to a book or escaping through music can while away a few hours.
  14. Brand new books (young adult books) and magazines (National Geographic, Family Magazines, Time for Kids, Teen People).
  15. Mini Boom Boxes to play CDs/Radio
  16. Playstation 3 games (must be rated E)

The best gifts are generally those that keep our teens busy for a little while, as it helps to get their mind off of being in the hospital. Do you have other suggestions?Let us know in the comments.