Mega Raffle funding needed equipment for pediatric therapy

Pediatric therapy helps children to speak, play and walkTasks as simple as grabbing something off the floor, or tying a pair of shoes can spell a supersized challenge for a young patient fresh off spine surgery.

The TMC Mega Raffle is funding much-needed supplies for TMC’s occupational therapists to use for pediatric inpatients.

Patients at TMC for Children now receive tools that help them maintain their spinal precautions while they try to get back to being a kid. These tools include a sock aid to help them pull their socks up without bending over and curving their back, a reaching aid so they can easily get things off the floor, and a long-handle sponge to eliminate twisting in the shower.

TMC Mega Raffle funds also helped purchase a pediatric Hoyer Lift, a special contraption that allows a patient to be lifted and transferred while requiring minimum physical effort. It can be used to get a patient who is not able to move out of bed and into a wheelchair, for example. “What used to require the strength of four or five people now requires only one or two,” said Hannah Burgess, outpatient therapies and audiology supervisor.

Pediatric therapy where playing has a healing roleTherapists can consistently provide better, safer care and can also help train a patient’s family on how to use a Hoyer Lift at home.

“As a hospital, and as a department, we feel so supported thanks to the TMC Mega Raffle. It’s important for us and our patients to have these tools. It allows us to care for them in the safest way possible and to the best of our abilities. We feel so blessed to have the TMC Foundation provide this critical funding so that we can purchase what we need. Most importantly, our families are better off for it,” said Burgess.

This is the fourth of our six-part series of blogs that show how the TMC Mega Raffle is making a difference for patients and the community.

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