Rachel Miller 
TMC for Children Blogger in Residence.

I’ve been involved in science and health education for most of the past 17 years, in the school classroom, in teacher education, and in developing science and health curriculum. I’m proud to say that my crazy undergraduate days were spent looking down a microscope at fruit flies in a lab focused on developmental genetics and seeking to understand cancer cells better. I’m also mom to two young children and a long time Tucson resident having moved here in 1989.

My amazing position as resident blogger allows me to address issues I’m passionate about: health of women and children, education, and this fabulous place called Tucson. I talk with local health care providers to address current issues in pediatrics and women’s health and share their perspective. I check out reputable sources for current news on children’s safety and pediatric health and share those here, on Twitter and Facebook. And, I get to cover some of the amazing resources and events that Tucson Medical Center and TMC for Children put on for the community. Oh, and the best part? I get to talk to Tucson parents about the health issues that are important to them. Are there topics you’d particularly like to see covered here? Email me at TMCChild at gmail dot com.

Kimberly Romo
Communications Specialist

Hello!  My name is Kimberly Romo.  I am a Communications Specialist at TMC, and also a contributor to the TMC for Children blog.  Before coming to TMC, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry, and spent ten years as a television news anchor including five years here in my hometown of Tucson.  During that time, I reported on numerous tragedies involving children.  That experience, and having two young children myself, ignited my passion for child safety.  I became a certified child passenger safety technician and volunteer at events in which I help educate caregivers about proper car seat installation.  I’m a member of Safe Kids Pima County, a network of organizations whose mission is to prevent accidental childhood injury, and am also involved with the non-profit Save the Cord Foundation.  It provides non-commercial information about the life-saving benefits of storing your child’s umbilical cord blood.  If you have any topics you’d like to see covered here, please email me at

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