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Siblings share everything, including viruses: Why your healthy child might need to stay away

Keeping the sneezes and respiratory infections at bay on the Pediatric unit is no small undertaking. While a sniffle for an otherwise healthy child might be a mere inconvenience, for a child whose system is already compromised it can be downright dangerous. During this season of respiratory illness, Dr. Nancy Chen, one of our Phoenix Children’s hospitalists, has the following…

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Don't feed your kids these foods

7 foods your Registered Dietitian won’t feed their children

  We asked the Tucson Medical Center Registered Dietitians what foods they avoid feeding their children. While they warned against using the word ‘never’, there are some foods they encourage us all to avoid feeding our children (and ourselves). Say no to soda or sports drinks Soda and sports drinks have zero nutritional value, but are often packed with sugar.…

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Eight suggestions for talking about death with children

This weekend Tucson non-profit Many Mouths One Stomach hosts what has become a favorite Tucson event, the All Souls Procession. “The Procession is a sanctuary for community members from all walks of life to express their grief and loss in a celebration of creative energy and a rejoicing of living.” Part of the events this weekend is the Procession of Little Angels. An…

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Has your young athlete received cardiac screening? Should they?

Oct. 15, 2012, was just an ordinary day at University High School until something extraordinary happened.  The marching band was taking a break from a rehearsal when they all lined up for dinner.  Suddenly Chris Miller, a sophomore, collapsed and started seizing. Everyone froze.  A circle formed around him.  All Erika Yee, a junior, remembers hearing is, “Does anyone know CPR?” She did. In…

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5 Tips for preparing for surgery from Dr. Atlas

When your child needs surgery, it’s nerve wracking. You want the best for them, but what should you look for in a hospital and anesthesiologist? Dr. Matthew Atlas, a pediatric anesthesiologist, at Old Pueblo Anesthesia, shared these suggestions: 1. Go to a hospital or surgery center that has lots of experience taking care of children. Hospitals and surgery centers that specialize in children…

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