Facing down a Type One Diabetes diagnosis – Ella’s story


When your child is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes your life changes overnight. Judy Liphman shares her daughter Ella’s story: A visit to the Emergency Department “Ella was just 3 ½ years old, and it was a seemingly normal Friday morning.  My husband, Bill, was getting us up and ready for the day, Ella was […]

Grisly makeover time for patients and staff at TMC for Children

Grisly makeup

The team that creates fake wounds for hospital disaster drills loves to visit TMC for Children at Halloween to give willing patients a grisly “makeover” with a fake wound or two. Using makeup kits and a macabre imagination, the crew can create realistic-looking burns, cuts, impalements and more – all in the name of Halloween […]

Reid Park Zoo tickets for your Halloween candy- plus celebrate a new stretch of The Loop

Exchange Halloween candy for tickets to Reid Park Zoo

Even as health-care experts, we’re not complete purists: The occasional piece of candy can be a nice treat. But a whole jack-o-lantern full? That’s just too much sugar and saturated fat for a healthy diet. So on Nov. 1, Tucson Medical Center will team up with Reid Park Zoo to give families a chance to […]

Girls on the Run alumni now cross country team captains


by Paula Nasiatka, GOTR coach, Tanque Verde Elementary Meg Healy and Carsen Mastrangelo participated in the first team of Girls on the Run (GOTR) at Tanque Verde Elementary School two years ago. Tanque Verde Elementary had just started the program in the fall of 2012 and this was the first opportunity for girls to sign […]

From Limp to Lope – Eli’s Miracle Story

Eli's Miracle Story Shortened Femur Congenital

When Dr. Andrea Herbert and her husband Adam Renner learned of their son Eli’s congenital shortened femur syndrome, TMC pediatric orthopedist Dr. Kent Vincent provided a reason for the couple to remain calm. “I’ll be there for you for the whole course of his treatment. We will follow him with x-rays. Let’s hope his femurs […]

A Child’s Guide to Surgery – Same Day Surgery

Are you about to have surgery? Wondering what it is going to be like? The best way to find out about your surgery is to visit the hospital. We have tours!  You can see the different rooms you’ll be in. You can find out what to expect. And you can ask questions. Even if you […]

A Father’s Day Tribute


In my Daddy’s Arms by Susan Dennis IBCLC Lactation Consultant Where else will I find comfort but in my Daddy’s arms. His heartbeat and his breathing settle me when I’m alarmed I know his voice is different now than in my mommy’s womb; But oddly it sounds better now that I can see him too! […]

Tips to help your baby sleep safely

Tips to help baby sleep safely

There is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping baby, especially for parents who are often overtired themselves. Our experts share the following simple tips so you can create a safe sleeping environment for your baby: Help Your Baby Sleep Safely Lay your baby on his or her back to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). […]

Are your ‘healthy’ classroom snacks really healthy? Ask the Nutritionista.

Don't be conned by 'healthy' snacks that are full of sugar

Dear Nutritionista,  My 2nd grader’s teacher has asked parents to contribute healthy snacks for the kids in the afternoon. Are the fruit squeezies, roll ups and gummies really as healthy as they say they are? They are mostly fruit, right? What would you suggest as a healthy snack that won’t break the bank if buying […]

Young donor from Douglas returns to TMC with birthday gifts

Box of toys from Douglas, AZ to TMC for Children

Instead of receiving birthday presents, Rene Roberts has celebrated another birthday by GIVING gifts. Rene, who spent his 5th birthday two years ago as a patient at TMC for Children, came back to the hospital one year ago to donate boxes filled with toys, as noted last year in a post on our TMC for […]


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