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halloween safety tips

Halloween Safety Tips from Jessica Mitchell, Safe Kids Pima County

I love celebrating Halloween with my family, but I must admit I feel like I’m holding my breath all evening. Like many Tucson neighborhoods, ours has few street lights and on Oct. 31, kids are EVERYWHERE, often in dark costumes, often zigzagging across the roads to trick or treat. It’s a safety nightmare! Did you know that children are more…

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teddy bear surgery pre-surgery tour child life

Is your child about to have surgery? Take a pre-surgery tour

Whether you’re 5 or 15, going for surgery can be scary. Taking a pre-surgery tour beforehand can make a surgery less frightening for your child. If your child has a scheduled surgery you can request a tour from one of our certified child life specialists. A child life specialist helps children and families understand what to expect before, during and…

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ACT to prevent heatstroke deaths in cars

ACT now to prevent heatstroke related deaths in cars – What you can do.

Hot summer days across the country have contributed to more than 16 child deaths so far this year from heatstroke when children were alone in vehicles. Safe Kids Pima County reminds caregivers to never leave children alone in cars, and if you see a child alone in a car, call 911 first and then act to get the child out of the…

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firework safety tips

Fireworks, Flags and Fanfare – keep the sparkle in your celebrations

It’s time to hoist the flag and celebrate our independence from the British Empire and the birth of a nation. And what would Independence Day be without fireworks?  But before you break out the sparklers and the Roman Candles here are some important considerations to make sure you keep it safe for everyone in your family. They’re spectacular, but fireworks are…

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medicaid cut by senate health care bill

Why We Oppose the Senate Health Care Bill

We stand with the American Academy of Pediatrics and their 66,000 primary care pediatricians, pediatric medical sub-specialists and pediatric surgical specialists in opposition to the Senate Health Care Bill.  Join us, act now to #SaveAZHealthCare  American Academy of Pediatrics Statement Opposing Senate Health Care Bill “The bill fails children by dismantling the Medicaid program, capping its funding, ending its expansion…

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Speech Therapy Tips 1

Support your child’s speech therapy at home – Tips from a speech therapist

As a parent or guardian you are a critical part of the speech therapy team, along with your child, the speech language pathologist, your child’s pediatrician and teachers. And if your child is in speech therapy you’ve probably been assigned daily tasks to do at home to reinforce the speech therapy sessions. These home tasks are a critical part of…

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When Your Preschool Child Stutters – Tips and Thoughts from Mary Lou Fragomeni

My preschool child has started stuttering a lot. Should he have a speech evaluation? Sometimes he can’t get the words out at all! We asked Mary Lou Fragomeni, speech language pathologist in our Pediatric Therapies department, her thoughts and suggestions for parents with preschool children who stutter. When is it time to see a speech therapist? Mary Lou: It is really quite…

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What comes next if your baby doesn't pass the newborn hearing screening

My baby failed the newborn hearing screening! What next?

It is one of the first things they test when your newborn arrives, a simple, non-invasive hearing screening. The vast majority of newborns have no issue, but what if the screening uncovers a potential problem? We checked in with Shawna Bohn, AuD on why this screening is so important and what you can expect to happen next if your baby’s…

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