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age appropriate kitchen skills for kids

Kids in the Kitchen – age-appropriate kitchen skills

Cooking with your child can be a very fun, enlightening, and a valuable bonding experience for you and your impressionable child. If your child feels involved in the cooking process and has a positive experience you have an opportunity to teach them control and proper food safety in the kitchen. An added bonus of cooking with your child is that it may…

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no nuts healthy fruit bite

Eat Well – Healthy Fruit Bite

Asked by our TMC Wellness team to create a healthy kid-friendly snack that children and their families could create themselves and could survive without refrigeration, Chef Jason Ricciardelli created a fiber-and-protein-filled snack that will satisfy the sweetest tooth – a fruit bite. TMC Healthy Fruit Bite TMC Wellness dietitians Laurie Ledford and Mary Atkinson are big believers in fresh fruit…

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Preventing childhood obesity

Tips on Preventing Childhood Obesity

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We want the best for our children. We want them to be happy and healthy, but for many children in our community one aspect of health is an uphill battle if it is recognized at all – childhood obesity. One in five children are overweight. Those delightfully chubby cheeks, legs, belly are all very well on a baby, but not healthy on…

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Don't feed your kids these foods

7 foods your Registered Dietitian won’t feed their children

  We asked the Tucson Medical Center Registered Dietitians what foods they avoid feeding their children. While they warned against using the word ‘never’, there are some foods they encourage us all to avoid feeding our children (and ourselves). Say no to soda or sports drinks Soda and sports drinks have zero nutritional value, but are often packed with sugar.…

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Dining out when your child has sensory processing or integration problems, autism

When dining out can lead to sensory overload – Tips from Occupational Therapists

When your child has a sensory processing or sensory integration issue, simple fun activities like going out to dinner can prove a difficult. New places, new smells, new people- it can all be too much for a child who integrates information from their environment in a different way. TMC for Children’s Occupational Therapists, Chau-Tam Sisterman and Joyce Stewart  provide these suggestions for families trying to…

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