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cooling blankets for newborns

Cooling blankets improve outcomes for newborns at risk

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While newborns typically thrive when swaddled in a warm blanket, certain babies born after a long duration without oxygen have better clinical outcomes if they are wrapped in cooling blankets for the first three days of their lives. Whole body cooling technology, based on the phenomenon of near-drowning victims who survive after being immersed in frigid water, soon will be…

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Whooping Cough cases on the rise

TMC’s Pediatric Emergency Department is issuing a heads-up about a recent increase in cases of pertussis, which is also known as whooping cough.  So far this year, nine cases have been confirmed – eight of those coming in just since May. At this point, the Pima County Health Department is NOT considering this an outbreak or epidemic.  TMC simply wants to…

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Toy story: Tucson teens help bring smiles to pint-sized patients

To a child in the hospital a simple toy can make all the difference in their world.  It can help them cope with what’s going on, provide an appropriate distraction, and help them realize that the hospital is not an entirely scary place.  Lucy Bittner and Nikki Johnson know this first-hand.  Both spent time in the hospital when they were younger, and…

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3 things I want you to know about Type 1 Diabetes – A mom's perspective

Do you know a child with Type 1 diabetes? A family that handles this unpredictable and sometimes very frightening invisible disease?  Children like Addie, the young boy highlighted in yesterday’s post, look like healthy, active children, and essentially they are, if their Type 1 diabetes is managed. But management is not a simple tablet once or twice a day. It is a more…

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