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Packed School Lunch – How to Keep it Safe and Healthy

My memories of school lunches are far from pleasant, mystery meat covered with gravy to thwart any attempt at identification, boiled beyond recognition vegetables, tater tots or mashed potatoes, rice pudding, tapioca, fruit in syrup. Not particularly appetizing and I’m guessing not particularly healthy. Of course, my experience is from back in the late seventies and eighties though, and in…

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Tips for Safe Preparation of Infant Formula

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The recent tragic news of three infant deaths, thought to be a result of a bacterial infection of Cronobacter sakazakii contamination, has heightened parent awareness of the need to safely prepare infant formula if they are unable to breastfeed. Cronobacter sakazakii (formally known as Enterobacter sakazakii) is one of two pathogens considered of most concern in the use of powdered…

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No-Cook Pasta Sauce – Angel Hair Zucchini

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It is hot out there and in the kitchen. Temperatures have soared to around 110 Fahrenheit in the past few days here in Tucson and while we want to make nutritious meals for our families the idea of spending any significant time cooking in the kitchen does not appeal. A picture of the recent bounty from TMC’s Community Gardenon Facebook, and…

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