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Helping parents help their kids – During a procedure

Medical procedures can be stressful, not just for your child, but for you as well. How your child reacts will depend on a host of factors including their developmental level, level of anxiety, response to stress and past experiences. It would be impossible to eliminate all of the stressful, painful or scary parts of a medical experience, but we can help…

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‘Who put this car seat in?’ – Serious wreck tests mom’s skill at installing car seat

As the mom of a 2 year old, Amber Bermudez is the first to admit that when it came to installing her son’s car seat, she would always have somebody else do it. “I would have other people do it for me because I didn’t want to mess up on something that important,” she said.  Then one evening this past summer, she…

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Don't feed your kids these foods

7 foods your Registered Dietitian won’t feed their children

  We asked the Tucson Medical Center Registered Dietitians what foods they avoid feeding their children. While they warned against using the word ‘never’, there are some foods they encourage us all to avoid feeding our children (and ourselves). Say no to soda or sports drinks Soda and sports drinks have zero nutritional value, but are often packed with sugar.…

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Has your young athlete received cardiac screening? Should they?

Oct. 15, 2012, was just an ordinary day at University High School until something extraordinary happened.  The marching band was taking a break from a rehearsal when they all lined up for dinner.  Suddenly Chris Miller, a sophomore, collapsed and started seizing. Everyone froze.  A circle formed around him.  All Erika Yee, a junior, remembers hearing is, “Does anyone know CPR?” She did. In…

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Don't throw out that old, unwanted or expired car seats! Put it to good use through this new program

Reposted from Tucson Medical Center You know your child’s old car seat that’s been sitting in your garage collecting dust because – quite frankly – you don’t know what to do with it?  Just tossing it in a dumpster seems wasteful.  Trying to sell it isn’t the answer either since both buying and selling secondhand seats is considered an unethical…

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Dining out when your child has sensory processing or integration problems, autism

When dining out can lead to sensory overload – Tips from Occupational Therapists

When your child has a sensory processing or sensory integration issue, simple fun activities like going out to dinner can prove a difficult. New places, new smells, new people- it can all be too much for a child who integrates information from their environment in a different way. TMC for Children’s Occupational Therapists, Chau-Tam Sisterman and Joyce Stewart  provide these suggestions for families trying to…

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