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Support your child’s speech therapy at home – Tips from a speech therapist

As a parent or guardian you are a critical part of the speech therapy team, along with your child, the speech language pathologist, your child’s pediatrician and teachers. And if your child is in speech therapy you’ve probably been assigned daily tasks to do at home to reinforce the speech therapy sessions. These home tasks are a critical part of…

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When Your Preschool Child Stutters – Tips and Thoughts from Mary Lou Fragomeni

My preschool child has started stuttering a lot. Should he have a speech evaluation? Sometimes he can’t get the words out at all! We asked Mary Lou Fragomeni, speech language pathologist in our Pediatric Therapies department, her thoughts and suggestions for parents with preschool children who stutter. When is it time to see a speech therapist? Mary Lou: It is really quite…

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What comes next if your baby doesn't pass the newborn hearing screening

My baby failed the newborn hearing screening! What next?

It is one of the first things they test when your newborn arrives, a simple, non-invasive hearing screening. The vast majority of newborns have no issue, but what if the screening uncovers a potential problem? We checked in with Shawna Bohn, AuD on why this screening is so important and what you can expect to happen next if your baby’s…

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Conquering Concussions – Know the Symptoms of Concussion

Did you know: Athletes between ages 6 and 16 are the most vulnerable in suffering from premature “return to play” and “return to learn,” which focuses on a child returning to school? Soccer is without a doubt a beautiful game enjoyed on playing fields, playgrounds, back alleys and streets alike by children across the globe. Like any activity, it is not…

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NICU Aftercare - What happens after you leave the NICU? Pediatric therapies for NICU graduates often a critical component of care

When baby leaves the NICU – A NICU After Care Program

The 12 month old who wasn’t eating solid foods. The 18 month old who wasn’t walking and didn’t know how to play with toys. The 2½ year old who wasn’t talking. The 3 year old who couldn’t follow directions.   Toddlers and young children like this were filling up TMC Pediatric Outpatient Therapist Brenda Abbey’s schedule. Something with their development…

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Intensive Pediatric Therapy changes Lives – Kylah's Story

When your baby turns three months old you expect giggles and gurgles, and hopefully a little more sleep. Just as they were approaching that lovely stage, one Tucson family faced the very opposite. Meghan and David Collins’ beautiful three-month old daughter, Kylah, had a brain aneurysm ruptured in her left frontal lobe. After being taken by ambulance to a hospital here…

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Kevin's Story: Part II The Trauma, the Realization, and the Beginning of the Journey

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Parenting is both the most challenging and rewarding endeavor we take on. In this guest post Terry Matsunaga shares how the diagnosis that his son had autism impacted Terry as a parent, and what those early  school years looked like. This is the second installment of a series of guest posts by Terry that share his son Kevin’s journey to college.…

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Much More than Playing with Words – Speech Language Therapy

Human language can convey our thoughts, our emotions, our desires and our needs. Language can move people to tears, to laughter and to action. We take for granted what takes years for a child to develop. Language is not just the articulation of sounds, but it depends upon an understanding of social structures, the world around us, and a slew…

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