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Mega Raffle funding needed equipment for pediatric therapy

Tasks as simple as grabbing something off the floor, or tying a pair of shoes can spell a supersized challenge for a young patient fresh off spine surgery. The TMC Mega Raffle is funding much-needed supplies for TMC’s occupational therapists to use for pediatric inpatients. Patients at TMC for Children now receive tools that help them maintain their spinal precautions while they…

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TMC for Children Supports Research Study to Gauge Success of More Frequent Pediatric Therapy

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TMC for Children is supporting a study to help determine whether children diagnosed with cerebral palsy show more progress with a more intense and frequent burst of therapy delivered at young ages when the brain is rapidly developing. Cerebral palsy, which is a disorder in which damage to the central nervous system results in motor dysfunction, is one of the…

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New Radiothon Partners from MIXfm Mix It Up at Cafeteria Mixer

TMC for Children on Thursday welcomed the Bobby Rich Morning Mix team as the new partners for the upcoming Children’s Miracle Network Radiothon. “It’s nice to put a face with the voice,” exclaimed registered nurse Michelle Spohn, as others listeners lined up for autographs and handshakes with Bobby Rich, Mrs. Grant and Greg Curtis. Scott Rustand, a transportation staffer, was one of…

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New Partners Sign on for CMN Radiothon: 94.9 MIXfm's Bobby Rich Morning Mix Teams Up with TMC

Tucson Medical Center and the Bobby Rich Morning Mix from 94.9 MIXfm will join forces to broadcast the annual Children’s Miracle Network Radiothon this holiday season. “The Radiothon is the biggest fundraiser of the year for Children’s Miracle Network, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to support TMC for Children,” said Erika Grasse, the director of development for the TMC…

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San Pedro Valley News-Sun Features One of TMC's Little Miracles

TMC for Children was happy to see this story shared by one of our regional publications! Three-year-old Kierstyn Rader and her family were featured by the San Pedro Valley News-Sun this week as the campaign for TMC for Children Children’s Miracle Network continues. Kierstyn was something of a miracle herself, cared for as a tiny infant in the newborn intensive…

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Much More than Playing with Words – Speech Language Therapy

Human language can convey our thoughts, our emotions, our desires and our needs. Language can move people to tears, to laughter and to action. We take for granted what takes years for a child to develop. Language is not just the articulation of sounds, but it depends upon an understanding of social structures, the world around us, and a slew…

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