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5 Tips for preparing for surgery from Dr. Atlas

When your child needs surgery, it’s nerve wracking. You want the best for them, but what should you look for in a hospital and anesthesiologist? Dr. Matthew Atlas, a pediatric anesthesiologist, at Old Pueblo Anesthesia, shared these suggestions: 1. Go to a hospital or surgery center that has lots of experience taking care of children. Hospitals and surgery centers that specialize in children…

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surgery when your child has autism or sensory processing

Surgery when your child has autism- 5 tips from a mom

The prospect of your child going into surgery is daunting for all of us, but what if your child struggles to integrate stimuli from the surrounding world? What if the simple and act of a new nurse coming in and putting a new notification bracelet on your child’s wrist without warning is enough to send your child under the table for…

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WARNING: Not telling your child about an upcoming surgery can hurt

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In our recent post Teddy Bear Clinic-Demystifying Hospital we shared a few tips about how to approach an upcoming hospital visit, but when to tell your child? Can it be too soon, too late? Caitlin Jackson, Child Life Specialist, specializes in supporting families as they prepare for and recover from surgery. She provides the following information from TMC for Children’s…

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