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Mega Raffle funding needed equipment for pediatric therapy

Tasks as simple as grabbing something off the floor, or tying a pair of shoes can spell a supersized challenge for a young patient fresh off spine surgery. The TMC Mega Raffle is funding much-needed supplies for TMC’s occupational therapists to use for pediatric inpatients. Patients at TMC for Children now receive tools that help them maintain their spinal precautions while they…

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Traveling the miles to bring the smiles – Equine Therapy from Step into TLC

“What do you think Buddy likes to eat?” George Roach asks Viah. Buddy, a miniature horse, stands at may be 3 feet high, nuzzling alongside Viah, his eyes closing as she gently strokes his forelock.  Viah is focused on Buddy seemingly barely hearing George whose soft calm voice continues to gently ask questions, share information about the horse and respond when Viah does talk. Viah smiles, these equine…

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Sharing Brian's Story – "The bigger he could crash, the bigger his laughter."

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During the 92.9 The Mountain Mountain of Miracles Radiothon we hear amazing stories of strength, perseverance, hope and finding joy amid adversity. We are honored that the families and children share their stories, they inspire and humble us.  This is Brian’s story as told by his mother Christie: “Brian was born at Tucson Medical Center (TMC) in 1987, and is quite a celebrity…

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