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Mega Raffle funding needed equipment for pediatric therapy

Tasks as simple as grabbing something off the floor, or tying a pair of shoes can spell a supersized challenge for a young patient fresh off spine surgery. The TMC Mega Raffle is funding much-needed supplies for TMC’s occupational therapists to use for pediatric inpatients. Patients at TMC for Children now receive tools that help them maintain their spinal precautions while they…

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Stepping forward: TMC Pediatric Therapies explores intensive program for children with cerebral palsy

Kelsey Musgrave had a minor stroke when she was born in 2012, and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was 14 months old. Her mom, Sarah, enrolled her in TMC Pediatric Therapies in October 2013 where Kelsey attended physical and occupational therapy sessions once a week, oftentimes with therapist Caren Barman. Kelsey was making progress, but Barman thought she’d be…

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Should I worry about the flat spot on my baby's head? – Why you shouldn't ignore flat head syndrome

No doubt you’ve seen them in the daycare, or at the grocery store, perhaps at story time or in the park, babies with what look like football helmets on. Are these just overly cautious parents worried about their child taking a tumble? Probably not, although I’m sure that there are such things on the market. More likely, this baby has…

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