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When Your Preschool Child Stutters – Tips and Thoughts from Mary Lou Fragomeni

My preschool child has started stuttering a lot. Should he have a speech evaluation? Sometimes he can’t get the words out at all! We asked Mary Lou Fragomeni, speech language pathologist in our Pediatric Therapies department, her thoughts and suggestions for parents with preschool children who stutter. When is it time to see a speech therapist? Mary Lou: It is really quite…

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Tips for a successful well check

5 Tips for Preparing Your Child for a Well Check – From Infant to Preschooler

We’ve talked previously about ways you can prepare your child for a hospital visit, but what about the regular old well check? Do you need to prepare your child for that? A recent conversation with a family practioner, followed by our son’s 15 month well check had me thinking that maybe a short list of ideas would be useful for…

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