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Traveling the miles to bring the smiles – Equine Therapy from Step into TLC

“What do you think Buddy likes to eat?” George Roach asks Viah. Buddy, a miniature horse, stands at may be 3 feet high, nuzzling alongside Viah, his eyes closing as she gently strokes his forelock.  Viah is focused on Buddy seemingly barely hearing George whose soft calm voice continues to gently ask questions, share information about the horse and respond when Viah does talk. Viah smiles, these equine…

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Picnic Celebrates NICU Graduates

From the littlest babe to a grown young man, they gathered on Saturday at Reid Park to reconnect, to visit and to celebrate at the annual Nursery Intensive Care and Pediatric Special Care Graduates Picnic. Amid the horse rides, face painting and the jumping castle, the parents reminisced with each other and the NICU staff over the days, or weeks or…

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