Hello, It’s Nice to Meet You – Dr. Gerald Goldberg

When our children are sick, we want the best care for them. Care that recognizes the specific needs of pediatric patients. Pediatric specialists like Dr. Gerald Goldberg, who is Board Certified in both Pediatrics and Dermatology, are knowledgeable in the differing physiology of children and experienced in treating the youngest amongst us with the tenderness and patience that a child needs. Last week Dr. Goldberg shared his responses to current parental concerns  regarding sunscreens, this week he took time out to share a little about what brought him to pediatric dermatology. Meet Dr. Gerald Goldberg of Pima Dermatology:

You see both children and adults in your practice and are Board Certified in both pediatrics and dermatology.  What led you to work with children and what do you love about being a pediatric dermatologist?

I love the naiveté and genuineness of children. I first became involved in children’s dermatology in the area of laser removal of red Port Wine Stain birthmarks. I was involved in getting the first birthmark laser (Candela Pulsed Dye Laser) in Arizona housed at Tucson Medical Center in 1989 and have been treating children with birthmarks with lasers ever since. This is one of my favorite niches and the work gives me great satisfaction to positively affect a young person’s life.

As a pediatric dermatologist what types of cases might bring you to TMC for Children? What do you think of the new TMC for Children facility?

TMC for Children is a great facility. I have been doing pediatric birthmark cases at the ambulatory center since 1989 and have appreciated the expertise of highly-trained Pediatric Anesthesiologists there who help me with some of my cases at TMC for Children.

What advice would you give to parents regarding general skin care and problem prevention for their children?

1. Remember the ABCs of sun safety!

2. Model good sun safe behaviors for your kids starting at an early age.

3. If children have brown birthmarks or acquired moles, some of these birthmarks and moles may be significant and can occasionally signal other concerns. Brown birthmarks and moles should be checked for the ABCDs (A=asymmetric, B=irregular border, C= multiple colors, and D= diameter > 4mm in an acquired mole). If any of these areas look suspicious, they should be examined by a dermatologist. For more information, please visit www.pimaderm.com.

Dr. Goldberg’s dedication to pediatric dermatology and dermatology in general, is evident not only in his years of experience in the field, but also in his commitment and service to the community beyond his immediate practice and patients. Whether it is responding to our questions on the TMC for Children blog, addressing Grand Rounds in Pediatrics to community physicians and residents on the latest approaches to birthmarks, or spearheading local skin screening, Dr. Goldberg is passionate about his field and about our community. We’re honored to work with Dr. Goldberg and his associates at Pima Dermatology.  


  1. Reinaldo Datson says:

    Dermatologists are really great and lifesaver specially if you are suffering from some severe skin allergies that makes your head go round all day long. “.::;

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